Aquamarine Horn Earrings

Aquamarine Horn Earrings

Aquamarine Horn Earrings

The aquamarine gemstone, with its light blue-green color, is a perfect complement to the warm tones of yellow gold. The diamond accents can add sparkle and shine to the earring, enhancing its beauty.

The horn shape is typically associated with the crescent moon, which is often used as a symbol of femininity and intuition. Combining the horn shape with the aquamarine, diamond, and yellow gold can create a unique and powerful statement piece.

What makes this earring unique is how the earring sits on the ear. It accentuates a woman’s profile. It is a bold and beautiful accessory that can make a statement with any outfit. It can be a perfect choice for special occasions or for adding some extra sparkle to your everyday look.


18k yellow gold 

2.88 carats of Diamonds

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